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Caviar introduced “Tsar-phone” to Putin’s inauguration

In Russia, the “Tsar Phone” was presented in honor of Putin’s inauguration
The company Caviar introduced the line “Tsar-phones”, dedicated to the inauguration of President Vladimir Putin – a few button models and the iPhone X in a new design.
Buttons, a gold case, red leather and a font as on the cover of the Constitution – for only 1.9 million rubles.

“Tsar-phone” for 1.9 million rubles

The most expensive model in the lineup is Caviar Inauguration Diamond. Almost all the key symbols of the Russian government were placed in the design of the button phone: a special copy of the Constitution and a sign of the president. Red color of the skin, gold coat of arms and font are taken from the cover of the Constitution.

The phone case is made of 750 gold and decorated with 95 diamonds with engraving and natural calfskin. The inscriptions on the keys are engraved by hand. The company will release this phone by a limited lot in 7 pieces, so the price is so high.

“Tsar Phones” cheaper

At more affordable prices, two models have been released – Caviar Russia Inauguration and Leader Putin Inauguration. This is one button “Tsar-phone” for 219 thousand rubles and the iPhone X with a new design for 258 thousand rubles

There are also cheaper models – for example, the converted IPhone X for 258 thousand rubles:

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