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“White VPN” will appear in Russia to bypass locks of Roskomnadzor

Participants in the IT industry will develop special software. It will allow to return access to the conscientious resources, which have been blocked by Telegram.

This was told by presidential adviser on the Internet Herman Klimenko:

We say: let’s make a “white list” and put it on top of the register of locks Roskomnadzor. It takes OpenVPN – this VPN only to pools of IP-addresses of resources from the “white list”.

The task at the same time – to make sure that the “white list” is reliable, bona fide resources do not use the IP addresses that Telegram simultaneously uses, and the distribution of this software is free.

Klimenko noted that the “white list” will work in a manner similar to the blocking technology, but in the reverse order.

We’ll have to reconcile this list, protect it, so that scoundrels do not get there.

The development of software will be specialists in the hosting market. They will be responsible for moderation and verification of information about resources.

Perhaps, at least this way IT specialists will be able to return access to resources accidentally blocked by Roskomnadzor. Interfax ]

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