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Visitors to the airport in New York accused the security robot of “lascivious” views, his colleagues – in futility

Such robots are not very lucky at all – one drowned, another was attacked by a drunk passer-by.

The passenger points to a robot that "lustily" looks at it. Photo by Matthew McDermott, The New York Post
The passenger points to a robot that “lustily” looks at it. Photo by Matthew McDermott, The New York Post

At the airport of La Guardia in New York, women complained about the robot guard K5, who allegedly scared them and “lascivious” looks. This was reported by The New York Post.

One of the guards told the publication about anxiety because the robot sneaks in on people. One day she just pushed him away with the baggage bag. Another security guard is sure that her male colleagues have set up the robot so that “it’s better to consider it,” but this was denied by the airport administration.

It’s like a pain in the ass. He continues to disturb people.

guardian La Guardia

Some passengers were indignant that the robot drove up to them and looked lustfully. How the look of the robot expressed lust, they did not specify. At the same time, other visitors to the airport said that when a person approaches a robot, he begins to warn about the intersection of his personal space.

Other guards said that the robot must fight fraudsters and illegal taxi drivers who occupy parking spaces, but it does not work out very well.

They [illegal taxi drivers] just laugh at him, pass by the robot and take people into their cars. It’s just a waste of money.

guardian of La Guardia

The robot, which appeared at the airport in February 2017, patrols the territory near terminal B and records everything happening on four cameras and microphones. It’s not known how much this costs the airport, but Knightscope claims that the monthly rent of robots varies between $ 6.5 thousand and $ 8.3 thousand. Some airport employees complain that the same money the management could repair the toilets.

Representatives of the airport explained that now the robot is in the test mode. They test its ability to record and broadcast what is happening, and also to avoid people and objects on the way.

“The robot guard in La Guardia looks like an 84-year-old man who came out of the toilet and tries to remember where his exit is”

Knightscope introduced K-5 in 2015, but the technology is still being tested. Although the robot has already ordered several companies and police stations, from time to time it gets into incidents. In 2016, the K-5 knocked down a 1.5-year-old child in the mall and moved his leg. In April 2017, a drunk man attacked a robotic security guard patrolling a parking lot in the Silicon Valley and threw him to the ground. In July 2017, the robot guard in the shopping center “Washington Harbor” drowned in the fountain.

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