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Users found in VKontakte a tested analogue of Telegram channels

In the social network noted that they just test the functions of chat rooms and no innovations yet.

Administrators of the closed community “Bagosy” found in “VKontakte” the function of creating an analogue of the Telegram channels. They said that they found a mention of the innovation in the application code of the social network. The Code of Durov drew attention to this .

Soon the Code of Durov got access to one of the channels in VKontakte: like in Telegram, you can turn off notifications of new entries. Visually, channels resemble chats in which you can not write anything.

Subscribers of “Bagos” also showed how the icon of the community channel in “VKontakte” will look.
Screenshot of the community "Bagos"
Screenshot of the community “Bagos”
The head of PR-department “VKontakte” Dmitry Lushnikov told “Durov’s Code” that in the near future the social network does not plan to launch new opportunities. “We constantly conduct closed tests of different functionality of chat rooms and other services,” he added. From the comments for TJ representatives of the social network refused.
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