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Twitter urged users to change passwords because of an error

The company did not specify how many of the 330 million users could be stolen.

Notification from Twitter about the need to change the password

Twitter users received a notice from the company about the need to change the password in the near future. The company admitted that it stored data users in an open file. The Reuters source said that passwords could have been unprotected for several months.

It is not known how much information 330 million users have been compromised and how long the passwords were unencrypted. Twitter was assured that they made a single mistake, and passwords are usually protected by encryption.

“We made a mistake, removed the open passwords and are working to prevent this from happening again,” the company explained and apologized. Here’s what Twitter offers:

  • change the password on Twitter and any other service where you could use it, including TweetDeck;
  • Use a password that is not installed on other sites for added security;
  • always use two-factor authentication to sign in to your account;
  • start a password manager to be sure that there are reliable passwords everywhere.
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