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Tradition of power engineers (5 photos)

the opening of the construction of a thermal power plant and there one interesting tradition.

Usually, the official part at such events is more interesting for journalists than bloggers. But this time we were told that we will see an unusual tradition of power engineers – when laying the foundation, it is customary to take off your watch to immerse them in a solution that will be poured into the base of the power plant.

As it was amicably made by all the high-ranking guests of the event.

Everyone was happy, especially the audience, because not every day you get rid of the bored “patech-phillip” or “rolex”)

It remains only to cover the watch securely with concrete solution and we can assume that the power station is waiting for a good future.

After the departure of the guests and the owners of the watch, the builders in front of my eyes hastened to pull them out of concrete to wash and find new owners for them. But the newspapers have not written about it yet. Powerhouse by the way already completed.

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