The richest man in the US praised Apple and bought 75 million shares

Managed by billionaire Warren Buffett, the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate for the first quarter of 2018 additionally acquired 75 million shares of Apple.

Thus, the company now has 240.3 million AAPL securities, the total value of which is estimated at 42 billion dollars.

About Apple Warren Buffett responds with special trepidation and love:

It’s just an amazing company. Looking at Apple, you will realize that it earns twice as much as the closest competitor in the US.

Despite the fact that during the last financial report of the CEO of Apple Tim Cook hid the exact number of realized iPhone X, Buffett is sure that there is no need to worry, and the pessimistic forecasts of analysts are unreasonable.

It’s silly to try and guess how much the iPhone X company will sell in the next three months. This is the same thing that was worried about the state of the BlackBerry about 10 years ago.

You buy a farm without thinking whether there will be rain next year. This is an investment for 10 – 20 years.

Last year, Buffett sold almost 90% of IBM shares, having decided to reinvest in Apple. It seems that the billionaire knows something. 9to5mac ]

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