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The prosecutor apologized to the farmer, against whom they started the case for a GPS tracker on a cow

“Anything can happen, the law has not been finalized,” the man replied.

Evgeny Vasiliev. Photo by Igor Merkulov,
The prosecutor’s office of Lebyazhyevsky district of the Kurgan region apologized to the farmer Yevgeny Vasilyev, who was accused of illegal circulation of special means because of the GPS tracker for the cow. The letter, which leads RBC, states that the prosecutor is obliged to apologize in case of an erroneous criminal case under article 136 of the CCP RF (compensation for moral damage).

The letter was published in its Telegram channel by the editor-in-chief of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan. The prosecutor’s office noted that the farmer has the right to sue to compensate for the damage because of the criminal case.

Vasiliev told TASS that he received a letter from the prosecutor’s office and accepted an apology. According to him, he does not intend to file a lawsuit against the prosecutor’s office and is now busy receiving a farm grant.

I did not bear big material costs, the only thing that is morally unpleasant. Apology accept, anything can happen, the law is not finalized, they must also obey the law.

Evgeny Vasiliev

Earlier, the governor of the Kurgan region promised to help Vasiliev with a grant for beginning farmers.

In September 2017, Vasiliev was prosecuted under Article 138.1 of the Criminal Code (illegal acquisition of special technical equipment intended for secretly receiving information). He bought on AliExpress a GPS tracker with a microphone to track the cow, which constantly fought off the herd.

The case was resolved after the question of the journalist Russia Today about this matter at a press conference of Vladimir Putin. The president promised to understand the situation. In March, Vasiliev was removed from all charges and dismissed the case.

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