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The Nobel Prize for Literature was postponed to 2019 because of the scandal with harassment

The award was refused for the first time since the Second World War.

Jean-Claude Arnault and Catharina Frostenson. IBL photo

Representatives of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that the award of the next Nobel Prize for Literature was postponed to 2019. The decision was supported by the Nobel Committee, which noted that the award was postponed many times. The last time the award was postponed in 1943.

The decision to postpone the Nobel procedure was preceded by a scandal inside the Royal Swedish Academy. In a conversation with the publication of Dagens Nyheter, several women were accused of harassing Jean-Claude Arnault, a popular photographer and husband of one of the members of the academy, Katarina Frostenson.

Later the investigators managed to find out that some of the harassment and acts of sexual violence Arnaud took in the premises belonging to the Swedish Academy. It also turned out that in the late 2000s the photographer allegedly allowed himself “unacceptable touch” to the Swedish crown-princess Victoria at one of the Academy’s events.

April 24 at the Swedish Academy said that they knew about harassment: in 1996 the organization received a letter from one of the alleged victims of Arno. Representatives of the academy specified that the letter was lost, and expressed regret that they could not prevent the situation earlier.

Subsequently, six of the 18 members of the Swedish Academy announced their intention to resign in connection with the scandal. The Academy’s statute prohibits re-election of academicians who are appointed for life. King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustav promised that this rule can change.

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