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The first Russian cosmonaut will be sent to the moon on an American ship

The first Russian cosmonaut can go to the moon on the American spacecraft Orion. Its task will include the installation of a Russian airlock on the international lunar station Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, reports “RIA Novosti”. Approximate date of flight is 2024. This was reported by a source in the rocket and space industry.

“As part of the talks, sketches of future manned missions to the near-moon station were made. Including discussing the possibility of flying a Russian cosmonaut in the crew of the ship Orion, which will tow the Russian airlock to the moon, “ – he said. Negotiations are also under way to include a Russian cosmonaut in another crew, but they are at an early stage.

According to previously announced plans, the first module Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway can go to the site in 2022. It’s about the power plant. It is expected that the construction of the “Gateway” will be completed by 2025. The complex will allow the astronauts to stay there and will play the role of a transplant station on the way to the surface of the Moon. The station will not be designed for long stay there people.

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