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Scientists recommended not to inhale lunar dust

Scientists have described the dangers of bronchitis in future explorers of the Moon, as well as other diseases of the respiratory system and the brain. The problem lies in the lunar dust, which, if ingested, can cause serious health problems up to the fatal ones. To this conclusion, the researchers came after experiments with imitation of the lunar soil.

On the example of human lung tissue and brain cells of mice, scientists showed high toxicity of the lunar soil – up to 90% of lung tissue cells and a similar volume of brain neurons died. And the effect was achieved even with a fleeting contact with the smallest particles of the Earth’s natural satellite.

Scientists point out that many problems that can only manifest themselves in the case of further space exploration are not properly studied. Given the intention of the earthlings to once again be on the surface of the Moon and even organize a base there, this is a notable omission. Experts say that it is more impossible to completely get rid of the risk in case of a long stay on the Moon.

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