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RIA Novosti: Russian cosmonaut will fly to the moon on an American ship

In the framework of the project of Roscosmos and NASA to create a habitable station in the near-moon orbit.

The Russian cosmonaut should go to the Moon on the American spacecraft Orion in 2024. This was reported by RIA Novosti sources in the rocket and space industry and the company Energia.

It is assumed that the astronaut will go to the near-moon orbit to install the lock chamber within the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway project. This is an international station, the creation of which Roskosmos and NASA agreed in 2017. It is planned to use it for testing the launch into space and landing on the surface of the Moon.

According to the source, the lock chamber will be made in Russia, and the Russian cosmonaut will deliver it to the station together with the Orion team. The interlocutor of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia confirmed that negotiations on the participation of the Russian cosmonaut are ongoing, but so far at the initial stage. The official confirmation of the mission has not yet been received.

According to preliminary plans, the construction of the Lunar Orbital Platform – Gateway will be completed by 2022, and the Russian section will not be opened until 2024. In 2021 the first mission with pilots was appointed: it will take from 8 to 21 days, after which the crew will return to Earth.

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