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Review of multi-sport watches GARMIN Fenix ​​5s

GARMIN Fenix ​​5s is a favorite among multi-sport watches. New GARMIN Fenix ​​5s are smart watches with maximum functionality. The device is equipped with numerous sensors, in particular, GPS, GLONASS, thermometer, compass, activity tracker and calorie tracker, Bluetooth and other data transfer protocols (USB, ANT +). The clock is suitable for any kind of sport – from running, swimming and skiing to triathlon, hiking and parachute jumping. Model Fenix ​​5s belongs to the category of premium watches and will look solid on the hand, wherever you are – at a business meeting or in the pool

So it looks like GARMIN Fenix ​​5s
So it looks like GARMIN Fenix ​​5s

Due to the fact that the color clock display is transflective, the images and text on it look clearly and clearly legible, at a resolution of 218 by 218 pixels and 1.1 “(27.94 mm). A durable mineral glass protects it from scratching. In more expensive equipment, instead of mineral glass, sapphire is used. The dial is easily customizable: the owner can choose any appearance – both classical hands and electronic watches – to his liking. In addition, it is possible to personalize the dial by setting up the display of any photo. Use your photos and pictures for the dials using Face IT software.

The model has all the advanced capabilities of smart watches. After synchronizing with Android or iOS, the clock receives notifications from the smartphone: incoming calls, SMS, calendar events, instant messengers. In this case, the device allows you to read messages, but you will not be able to answer them with the clock, because the Fenix ​​5S screen is not touch-sensitive, all control is done with the buttons on the case. But this is rather a plus: thanks to the large number of buttons, it is very convenient to manage the gadget for sports in all weather and climate conditions. The mechanical system of the buttons is trouble-free, and the touch panel stops working when it gets wet.

GARMIN Connect
GARMIN Connect
The Garmin Connect application installed on your phone or computer allows the user to make the following measurements:

The first screen shows the following measurements: pulse rate, step meter, floor counter, consumption and consumption of calories (based on MyFitnessPalapplication ), stress experience, training schedule, sleep schedule, full activity statistics for yesterday, statistics for 7 days. The start screen is customizable for any user.

Looks hours are modest enough, but presentable, than cause a great interest and trust of users. Their advantage is attractive design, quality assembly and buttons with a pleasant soft stroke.

If we consider the gadget from the standpoint of autonomy, then we can safely say that the device will “survive” in clock mode from 14 days from one charge of the battery without problems. In the training mode, the device will work up to 14 hours and up to 35 hours with the UltraTrac function.

Intelligent multi-sport watch GARMIN Fenix ​​5s is a professional tool. In the running mode, the user can access up to 4 information fields on each of the screens, with detailed statistics, where maximum information can be output simultaneously for a large number of indicators (altitude, pulse, track, speed, barometer, time, etc.). Real-time clock shows the number of steps. Then the diagrams are displayed, how many steps were taken every day. The device assumes the possibility of using external sensors. So, in the mode of navigation with the help of sensors, turns from the side and the number of strokes per exercise are read, the style of swimming is recognized.

Controlling the steps, sleep, pulse, calories – the base of the clock. In appropriate modes, the device works very well: an accurate pedometer, automatic sleep mode switching, informative graphics. The strength of the device is the dynamic performance in each individual sport.

GARMIN Fenix ​​5s is an upscale, reliable, serious sports gadget, so it’s quite expensive. From the point of view of the built-in modes of operation, this is one of the most advanced devices that are currently available on the market, which does an excellent job of determining the mode of activity.

The advantage of the watch is attractive design, quality assembly and buttons with a pleasant soft stroke.
The advantage of the watch is attractive design, quality assembly and buttons with a pleasant soft stroke.
Fenix ​​5s is ideal for those who are looking for watches designed for different sports, from yoga to jogging, swimming and triathlon, because this model is smaller and lighter than all existing analogues. This watch can be advised primarily to girls who have a small wrist.

If you want to know as much as possible about your body and manage your activity as efficiently as possible, Fenix ​​5s is your choice.

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