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Nutella in honor of the Day of the password urged the fans to change the password for “Nutella”

To put it mildly, this is not a safe idea.

Producer of chocolate pasta Nutella suggested to subscribers on Twitter to change the password in honor of World Password Day. She asked users to put the word that is in their heart, for example – “Nutella”.

But the company’s subscribers noticed that this is a bad idea.

“You’re doing it wrong. Try to write Nutella with a capital N and it will work. ”

“The genius who wrote this needs such a T-shirt”

As noted by The Next Web, Nutella has set users who decide to listen to her advice. The password with the popular company name and without the use of numbers will be easy to guess.

According to the password database Pwned Passwords, the combination “Nutella” was used 20 thousand times. Therefore, such a combination is certainly in the bases of hackers, which they use when hacking accounts. Moreover, it is worth using more than seven letters of a different register in the password and it is desirable to insert numbers there.

Nutella shares coincided with Twitter’s warning about the need to change the password due to the fact that some 330 million users were not encrypted.

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