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Known as Harold, the hero of snapshots for photoshots was registered in “VKontakte”

A Hungarian resident, Arató András, known as Harold hiding pain through numerous photos from photostocks, started the account in VKontakte . The first record appeared on it in October 2015, but on March 3, András’s identity verified the community of Hide The Pain Harold & Co.

Judging by the page of Andrash, he comes from Koseg, lives in Budapest, is married, knows Russian a little and does not smoke. Community administrator Timur Bibarsov learned from the hero Meme the answers to several popular questions.

Why did you decide to take part in the photo sessions?

The photographer noticed me on the Internet and asked me to pose.

What are the sensations of your popularity?


Do you recognize yourself on the streets, do you often see yourself on printouts?

Absolutely not.

How old are you?


How is your health?

Well thank you.

Will you continue to participate in the photo sessions, if you are offered?

Why not?

Why did you register for VKontakte?

To see how this works.

Andrász is known for his facial expression, which seems to suggest repressed pain. Usually Hungarian was shot in photosessions service DreamsTime with the participation of pensioners: his pictures can be found among the most popular photo category “Elderly people” in this photo shoot.

According to Know Your Meme , the beginning of the meme “Harold hiding pain” dates back to 2011, when a photo session with Andrasch was published on the Facepunch forum. Subsequently, Harold became the hero of numerous discussions on 4chan, Reddit, as well as YouTube videos and communities on VKontakte .

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