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Kind people (11 photos)

Looking at these photos, you can regain faith in humanity, because in our world there are still people with a good heart. It is thanks to such people that the modern world is becoming a little kinder.

The boy spends his pocket money on food for stray dogs.

The policeman saved the girl who was drowning in her car.

Someone prepared 25 backpacks with food and clothes for homeless people and distributed them to them on Christmas Day.

Physicians provide assistance to a wounded dog.

A soldier plays with a girl whose relatives may be his enemies.

The girl invited the firefighter who saved her to her graduation.

The employee of the reanimobile remained powerless, trying to save the patient’s life.

Soldiers help children to get to school on a dilapidated bridge.

The guy is drinking the emaciated gull.

The policeman repaired the boy’s bicycle.

The man takes care of the dogs that have remained in place of the flood.

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