Intent or feil? Photos proved that clothes are better to choose with the mind

Fashion trends, your own taste or lack of it, the urgent advice of others – all this affects how a person dresses. Its contribution is made by designers of clothes or its manufacturers who are not too bother with choice, for example, prints or blindly fulfill an order: what picture they sent, this and we will put on a T-shirt.

Resource Boredpanda supplemented the new photos with a compilation that proves: you need to keep track of your wardrobe, and when buying a cheerful shirt or evening dress, you should carefully consider the garment and try it on. Otherwise, there will be trouble …

168 bucks – and your jeans

Hmm … That’s Mignon …

Brutal socks. But it depends on which side to look at
Singapore Water Polo Team Out of Competition

13, 12 … What’s the difference?
The designer wrote “rope” (rope). It turned out “rape” (rape)

Well, maybe a man never saw watermelons

Probably, the dress should somehow look different on the figure

“Narcotics, drugs, drugs”

Why do they look there?
The Avengers. Yes
I love Beijing

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