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In “Yandeks.Navigator” built voice assistant “Alice”, so she prompted the road

The company promised that they could talk with the “Alice” as an ordinary person.

Users of Yandex.Navigator can now control the application with the help of Alice’s voice assistant, was told in Yandex. It allows you to set a route, find the nearest store or parking lot, and can also start one of the built-in games.

In the “Yandex.Navigator” and up to “Alice” was a voice control, allowing you to ask about the next accident or speed limit. Now the company promised that the voice assistant “will talk like an ordinary person.”

“Alice” will ask a clarifying question if she does not understand the question or does not hear the address, at the same time she can predict how much the traffic will last or tell the amount of the penalty for the violation.

Alice not only helps to solve problems – she can entertain the driver when he is in a traffic jam or someone is waiting. The voice assistant sings, predicts the future and knows many games. For example, with it you can make short words from long or play in cities.


To “Alice” has earned in “Yandeks.Navigator”, you need to update the application, select it as a speaker in the settings and say “Turn your voice.”

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