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In Washington, a robot-guard “drowned” in a fountain

“We were promised flying machines, but instead we received robots suicidal”.

On July 17, employees of the Washington Harbor shopping complex in Georgetown reported that the K-5 robot guard, created by the Knightscope start-up “for crime prediction and prevention,” was found in a fountain near the building.

The device was purchased “recently” for patrolling the parking lots of the shopping center in Washington. According to witnesses, the robot independently went to the fountain and “drowned”, after which it ceased to function.

“Our Washington office got a security robot. He drowned himself. We were promised flying machines, but instead we got robots with suicidal tendencies ”
Visitors and employees of the office buildings of the “Washington Harbor” took pictures of the “suicide” of the security robot, which quickly became popular in social networks.
Greg Pinelo
It’s a fun day here at @gmmb. The super high-tech security robot at our office complex has had a mishap.

Mon Jul 17 18:43:15 +0000 2017
“It’s funny today. The super-tech robot in our office complex broke down »
Greg Pinelo
@gmmb According to the website, he has Advanced Anomaly Detection, Forensic Capabilities and Gun Detection. Water Dete …
“The site says that it has the ability to detect anomalies and weapons. Detection of water (will appear soon, apparently) »

“Steps – our best defense against the Robokalipsis”

Representatives of the complex said that the K-5 is in the pilot program stage and, based on the results of the inspection, they will understand how to optimize the autonomous system so that the robot remains safe. In their opinion, the incident is an indicator: the robot guard must be improved for the safety of visitors to the shopping center.

Knightscope confirmed to Buzzfeed News that it was their robot, but did not specify how he got into the fountain. According to the staff, this was an “isolated case”, which is being investigated. The company promised to send another autonomous guard to the “Washington Harbor” within a week. The fate of the “suicide robot” is unknown.

Knightscope introduced the K-5 in 2015, but the technology is still at the testing stage. The robot was ordered by several companies and police stations, but from time to time there are various incidents. In 2016, the K-5 knocked down a 1.5-year-old child in the mall and moved his leg. In 2017 a robotic guard patrolling a parking lot in the Silicon Valley was attacked by a drunk man and threw him to the ground.

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