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In the US, almost 600 thousand dollars fell out of the truck. Now the police are looking for those who collected them

They are accused of theft if they do not return the money.

Truck company Bricks. Photo by Roberto Makado Noah, LightRocket / Getty
On May 2 in Indiana from the truck almost 600 thousand dollars poured out with denominations of 20 dollars. The CBS was told about this in the police.

The rear doors of the truck opened about 9 am local time on the I-70 track, several bags of money fell out of the body. According to police, at least 600 thousand dollars flew along the highway, but the exact amount is unknown.

The driver of the truck of the collection company Bricks said that another driver pointed to the open doors. It is not known whether the oversight was due to a technical malfunction or due to an error of one of the employees.

According to the police sergeant, people stopped cars and ran out onto the roadway to collect banknotes. Those whom the police found, forced to return the money, but some managed to leave the scene earlier.

The police are looking for the driver of the school bus, which stopped, collected some money and left. In addition, four more took with them a whole bag of bills and left on a white truck. How much money was taken from the scene, is also unknown.

People who have taken money from the scene of the incident face a charge of theft. However, the police explained that if they voluntarily return the money, they will not be punished.

When I took this video, I didn’t realize what I was witnessing = 600k worth of CA$H spilling onto I70! 😂💸💸

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“Attention, if you are going to go to the I-70 for money, the police can arrest you for theft. There are additional patrols on duty after the incident with the Brinks truck »

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