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In the Silicon Valley, a drunk man attacked a robot guard

The robot could not give change, because it has no hands.

Photos of Knightscope

The police of Mountain View arrested 41-year-old Jason Sylvain (Jason Sylvain) for attacking the robotic guard K-5, created by the start-up Knightscope “for predicting and preventing crime.” According to the employees, the man dumped a 135-kilogram robot patrolling the parking lot.

The incident occurred on April 19 in the parking lot Knightscope, where the K-5 was tested. Sylvain came to the company’s office, then left the car, went to the robot guard and “deliberately overturned him.” The device immediately activated the alarm, which helped the employees of the startup grab the fleeing attacker.

According to police officers who arrived on the scene, Silhwen smelled strongly of alcohol. The man was eventually accused of penetrating and appearing in a public place in a state of intoxication. Sylvain himself claimed that he works as an engineer and just wanted to “test” a security robot.

One local resident told ABC that he did not understand why “attacking a victim who does not even have a hand”. KnightScope noted that the K-5 got off with a “pair of scratches” and already patrols the streets of Mountain View.

Knightscope introduced the robot guard K-5 back in 2013, but the technology is still in the testing phase. It is equipped with a system of cameras capable of recording video for 360 degrees. With their help, the robot is able to recognize the faces of intruders, weapons in the hands of criminals, as well as the numbers of cars that are in search or in hijacking. According to Knightscope, K-5 can handle up to 300 numbers per minute.

The security robot has already ordered several police stations and companies, including Microsoft and the team of the National Basketball Association (NBA) “Sacramento Kings” from California. At the same time about crimes, the robot warns “live” guards – the K-5 has no weapons.

In July 2016, the robot-guard knocked down a 16-month-old child in the mall and moved his leg, leaving a scratch. Later, representatives of Knightscope invited the parents of the child to the office of the company to apologize to them personally.

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