In Taiwan, a deceived customer rammed a Porsche dealer center (3 photos + video)

In Taichung City, Taiwan, a disgruntled customer rammed a Porsche auto show by driving into his Cayenne SUV. The reason for this act was that instead of an exclusive car, he got the usual one.

In January 2017, a 42-year-old businessman named Chu ordered a new Panamera Sport Turismo with additional options worth 50,000 dollars. The total cost of the car was 250 000 dollars. Chu made an advance of $ 67,000 and waited for the car.

As a result, he was delivered a normal car, referring to the fact that the contract did not say anything at the expense of additional options. The client refused the car and demanded a refund, but the dealer center threatened to terminate the contract and return nothing.

Then Chu went to a desperate step. He rammed the glass and the rack of administrators, and then began to threaten managers. The police, he said that everything happened by chance, but found inside the car fittings and a can of gasoline indicate that the entrepreneur was preparing in advance. The police are investigating this incident.

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