How did the concept of female beauty change over the past 100 years (11 photos)

The ideal female image is constantly changing. This happens literally every decade, and sometimes the changes can be so dramatic that they just do not have time to get used to them. Let’s take a look at how, over the past 100 years, the ideas about female beauty have changed.

In the 1910s, natural beauty was in fashion, which was explained by the fact that cosmetics in the modern sense of the word did not exist yet.

In the 20s, women liked to use dark shadows in combination with bright lipstick. It was then that the popular make-up of Smokey-Ice appeared.

The 30th birthday card was narrow eyebrows. They simply plucked completely and drew a thin line in their place.

In the first half of the 40’s in the fashion were natural eyebrows and long eyelashes, which are abundantly dyed with mascara. In the second half of the 40’s the accent was made on bright lipsticks and lush curls.

In the 50’s, the arrows included in the fashion, which are willingly guided by modern women. Bright lips, expressive look and large curls epitomize that era.

In the 60s, mascara and blush were especially well sold. The fashion was lush eyelashes.

In the 70’s, the fashion was again natural. A minimum of carcasses on eyelashes, light pink blush and simple long hairstyles became the essential attributes of that time.

In the 80s, curvy hairstyles came into fashion, which were combined with bright, flashy make-up. Then it was not an outrageous image, but an ordinary daily style.

In the 90’s naturalness returned to fashion. A minimum of makeup and an emphasis on the cheekbones in an effort to make them more pronounced.

In the 2000s, shiny and sparkling colors of cosmetics entered the fashion. Stretched eyelashes, a lot of shine on the skin and hair, mother-of-pearl powder and lipstick were the image of women of fashion of those years.

In 2010, in fashion, wide eyebrows, healthy skin radiance and contouring.

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