Flights to Tatooine and Jakku appeared on the scoreboard in Heathrow

May the 4th be with you.

On an informal day of “Star Wars” at London’s Heathrow Airport, there were flights to the planets from this plane. You can fly from the capital of Great Britain to Tatooine, Kamino, Hot, Giacca, and also to the Death Star.


Good morning from Heathrow. Today we have a great power, and we have a few special new directions. How about traveling to close … or distant-distant galaxies?

The scoreboard has comments on the flights. The flight to Jakka was delayed “because of sandstorms,” ​​a flight to the planet Hot was postponed because of “snow removal on the runway at the place of stay”. When boarding an aircraft to the planet Kashyyyk, an additional inspection is provided, since “all crossbows must be registered.”

On May 4, fans of the saga celebrate Star Wars Day. This date is chosen because of the famous quotation from the movie May the Force be with you, which looks like the sound of the phrase May the 4th be with you, which contains the date of the holiday.

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