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Fans of McDonald’s are preparing his products at home. And they exchange recipes in a special group on Facebook

Home “Big Macs” and “makmaffins” look quite appetizing.

Here and below - photos from the Homemade MacDonalds ™ community
Here and below – photos from the Homemade MacDonalds ™ community

Australian artist Joel Cornell (Joel Cornell) created in Facebook a community of people who cook food from McDonald’s at home. According to Cornell, this first started as a joke, but the community suddenly grew into a community with almost 2.5 thousand subscribers and its own instagram.

Participants in the project “Home” McDonald’s “” repeat not only the classic “Big Macs”, which literally filled the community tape. They also try to repeat breakfast from the fast food chain.

Or nuggets in triple breaded with homemade sweet and sour sauce.

Participants are required to share the ingredients and recipes of the products they cook. However, other domestic lovers “McDonald’s” must evaluate to get food for her appearance (which does not always get a neat and appetizing).

Despite the originally humorous nature of the page, its authors introduced a series of strict rules for users. For example, the authors of the records must necessarily publish photos of snacks (probably in order to confirm its authenticity), but they can not modify the dishes, except for vegan or veggie deputies.

Posts without cooking should contain at least a simple discussion. Any “there is a recipe for McChicken?” – this is called the Internet, my friend! You can not cook yourself – challenge yourself. Have this in mind, because we will remove your posts. This is not bullshit to 4chan.

Joel Cornell
creator of the Homemade MacDonalds ™ community

Having survived the crisis of activity in early April, the community was able to recover and even start its own instagram for those who do not want to join a closed group on Facebook.

Post by @changz_yo EL MACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! El Maco w/ shaker fries … good feed shit pics. Burger; toasted tip top buns, coles regular beef seasoned with salt, pepper & MSG, dairylea burger slices, sour cream, salsa, lettuce & tomato Fries; McCains shoeys (used the air fryer which doesnt quite do the fries justice need that deep fry) Seasoning; 5 parts taco seasoning, 2 parts onion pow, 2 parts garlic pow, 1 part smoked paprika, 1 part salt, 1 part MSG, 1 part cayenne & 1 part sumac (sumac for some zing, would probs use vinegar pow if i had some around) seasoning was the goods but didnt quite give me nostalgic feels unfortunately, give it a shot tho and let me know what ya think Added some onion pow and water to sour cream, added hot sauce to the salsa cos obviously not spicy as is …

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