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Criminals used a swarm of drones to stop the FBI from saving the hostages

American criminals are increasingly using drones in their illegal activities. According to Defense One, last winter during a rescue operation, FBI agents were attacked by a swarm of miniature aircraft. With the help of drones, the criminals drove the agents from the observation post deployed as part of the rescue operation.

In addition, criminals used drones to monitor the activities of employees of the Bureau, launching live broadcasts from these devices on YouTube. They also talked about the use of drones to track objects of interest for criminals planning robbery or robbery, as well as police stations and law enforcement officials themselves.

The airbings were also used by smugglers: with their help, border violators provoked the alarm to divert the border guards.

To combat drones use “jamming”, but their use is limited due to interference with mobile communications. Special rifles are not so common.

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