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Courier Amazon stole the puppy from the client. The client wrote to Bezos and secured the return of the animal

And the courier was removed from work and now interrogated.

Jeff Bezos. Photos of Geek Wire

The 51-year-old English businessman Richard Guttfield (Richard Guttfield) has obtained from Amazon the return of his dog, which the courier of the company allegedly stole. According to Gattfield, the black miniature schnauzer disappeared after a parcel with dog food was delivered to the house.

After the loss of the dog, the businessman wrote an e-mail to the co-founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, in which he demanded the return of his pet. Subsequently, the Bezos subordinates tracked down the driver, who actually worked for the contractor’s company, and took his stolen dog from him.

According to the official representative of Amazon, who also contacted Gattfeld by e-mail, the courier was removed from the work with the delivery of the company’s parcels. He called the incident “inexcusable” and “not in line with company standards.”

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