Architecture: Hotel in an abandoned prison of the 18th century

Now in the building live only bats.

3D visualization of Twelve Architects
3D visualization of Twelve Architects
The abandoned prison building in English Cornwall, where criminals were hanged 200 years ago, will be transformed into a hotel. Currently, the ruins are considered a historic landmark and attract hundreds of tourists a year, but Mallino Development nevertheless received permission from local authorities to make a commercial site out of jail. Reconstruction will be the London studio Twelve Architects.

Over the years of desolation, the roof of the building collapsed, and the floors rotted, but a considerable part of the walls stood. In the ruins during this time, a large population of bats settled. Given these and other complexities, the full implementation of the project will cost 30 million pounds (about 2.5 billion rubles).

Bodminsky prison was erected in 1779 and was the first such institution in the country, where prisoners were detained in separate cells. In these cells there are 63 hotel rooms, equipped with modern appliances and amenities.

The prison functioned for almost 150 years, until 1927, and during this time, more than 50 public executions were carried out through hanging. During the First World War, Bodmin’s prison kept the national treasures of Great Britain, including the coronation regalia of British monarchs. Local guides often talk about ghosts, supposedly dwelling in ruins.

The current state of the Bodmin prison can be judged from the numerous photographs in the tourists’ insurgents.

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Strange feeling paying to go inside an scary old prison.

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