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5 ways to visit Chernobyl. Legally and not very

Soon the next anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident will take place: on April 26, 32 years ago, at 01:24 Moscow time, an explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Events and places eventually turned into legends attracting tourists from all over the world. The Chernobyl exclusion zone is one of the most interesting areas of our planet from the point of view of science.

What is not the reason to visit a huge abandoned city, turned from a carefree science city to a desert burial ground, a scenery for a horror movie? The largest abandoned city on the territory of Eurasia.

That’s what cities will look like when we leave.

To play in STALKER: “Call of Pripyat”

Perhaps this option seems childish, but the game developers have done everything possible to immerse the user in the atmosphere of alienated territories.

The map, the environment and even the buildings that can be found in the game, in detail reproduce the real Chernobyl.

Developers with photographic accuracy recreate the most memorable places of the “Zone” in the computer simulator space:

  • “Agroprom” – Research Institute “Medpribor”
  • “Brainworm” – the over-the-horizon radar “Duga-1”, it is the object “Chernobyl-2”,
  • “Dump” – sedimentation equipment that participated in the elimination of the consequences of the accident,
  • “Radar” – in the territory of the location there is a dead pine pine “Red Forest” near the station.

Even ordinary buildings are as close as possible to those in Pripyat: Khrushchev models and textures were removed from real buildings.

But most importantly – the location of “Station” from STALKER exactly repeats the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. If not for her, then for what else is it worth to visit the contaminated territory of the “Wormwood Hail”?

Watch a movie or a TV show

A lot of films have been shot about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the city itself and the events taking place in it at different time intervals. The most interesting, in my opinion, documentary films:

  • “Chernobyl: The Lost World”,
  • “Chernobyl 25 years later”,
  • “Chernobyl. Chronicles of silence. “

There is also an art cinema, completely restoring the scenery of the city. The largest project was the artistic, even, fantastic (unscientific) series “Chernobyl: Zone of Alienation.” For hardcore fans of the Zone and people with a natural-science education, the film is of tremendous interest in educating the environment, including large-scale computer modeling, live filming in Pripyat and similar Russian cities.

Among others stands out “Chernobyl – a testament”, filmed in 2001. In the middle between the disaster and our time, the documentary strikingly differs in the style of presentation from all the others: the liquidators are still alive, Pripyat is still closed, but the pain of losses has already passed.

Become an illegal stalker

The most interesting, but categorically wrong way to get to Chernobyl, Pripyat and surrounding engineering facilities is to go on a trip as a tourist savage. More precisely – the same stalker.

At numerous forums you can find out details of routes, a list of necessary equipment, prepare yourself for possible dangers and get a sea of ​​drive. But the punishment is serious.

If caught – will be fined. If at the same time things are found in things from Chernobyl, you can get a criminal term.

And they can catch. The zone of alienation began to be protected much better than in the 90s: security in the streets with firearms, drones in the air, roadblocks.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of free travelers today. There are people who spend several months in Pripyat, and return without any problems. It is worth noting that most of them are forced to confine themselves to Pripyat and wild territories – the protection of the Chernobyl NPP and the “Dugi” is very active.

The price of risk is determined by everyone. A “wild” visit can bring incredible experience and many unique experiences. But no one guarantees that the traveler will not receive a dose of radiation or other trauma.

Buy an official tour

It is much easier to go with a group of tourists on a hike-excursion. You can find contacts of relevant organizations on the Internet. It will be necessary to register in advance and wait for the recruitment of the tourist group.

Most of these excursions are organized with departure from Kiev. A number of companies offer their services right at the entrance to the fenced area. However, in view of recent events, it is better for CIS residents with a Russian passport to go on a tour from the Republic of Belarus.

Professional guides, many times visited in the exclusion zone, not only save from protection and dangerous places. They also help with the visa and obtaining the pass required for access to the “Zone”.

It may seem that such a journey is an uninteresting walk around the hand. However, for the first trip is the best option. In addition, officially registered guides often offer not a day trip, but a hike for several days.

The route includes Chernobyl, Pripyat, radar station, nuclear power plant and all interesting objects. Unless in houses do not start up – the local taboo, appeared because of uneven infection and dilapidated buildings.

Such excursions allow you to see much more than “wild” visits, and much safer. Guides know the right routes. Step left, step to the right – dose of radiation, disease, disability.

As part of a scientific expedition or an official employee

If you want to visit the power station itself, to see the accident site closely, excursions and hikes will not do. Too close to tourists to approach is forbidden, and illegal immigrants are caught still on the approaches.

The only real chance (safe, suddenly you are a professional thief and dare to break yourself) – participation in the life of the estranged zone.

Although the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was closed in 1996, at the moment the work is boiling on its territory:

  • a new sarcophagus is being built over the 4th power unit,
  • dismantled serviceable power units,
  • the restoration of the surrounding area,
  • dismantling works are carried out on the infected objects.

And all are guided tours and the territory is guarded. Yes, and supply such a band, too, someone must. Getting a job in Chernobyl is a little easier for our readers than being in a research group, I think. But both are quite real today with a certain desire.

As the authorities promised to turn the exclusion zone into a tourist zone, it is possible to open a business related to it. Although the concrete sell, at least suhpayki. Now, in addition to radiation, there are no critically secret objects (existing ones are understaffed or access to them is finally closed).

What for?

Any way to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone is a worthy experience. It is not necessary to leave the comfort zone, even on the contrary: if you think that there is nothing to do, first play and see. And then buy a ticket and walk with your feet.

There are a lot of questions related to the accident, so every documentary or historical film becomes a new attempt to reveal secrets. Games or feature films are never superfluous.

And traveling is necessary in order not to stand still. Chernobyl, Pripyat and Chernobyl will be one of the most popular tourist places in Eurasia.

It is worth getting there before all the crowds of tourists are spoiled.

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