5 serious problems Apple, which almost do not speak

No financial result from Apple indicates a problem in Cupertino. The position of “apple” for today looks unshakable.

But did not everyone think of Nokia in the late 2000s?

For several years, there are the same problems in Apple products. All of them wander from one device to another, the company either refuses to correct them, or completely ignores them.

They need to be resolved and discussed more often. There is nothing to keep silent.

The quality of assembly deteriorates every year

Previously, such problems were encountered in most smartphones and phones. I still remember how, when buying my first iPhone, I was surprised to notice that the device does not crunches and does not lyuftit with a strong grip or attempt to twist.

Something similar slipped in 3G / 3GS models, but in Cupertino they made the right conclusions and the subsequent devices were very strong and solid.

In recent years, the situation has changed. On the one hand, this is due to the reduced thickness of the manufactured devices, and on the other hand, the fairly bad quality of Apple products. Now find a device without backlashes and creaking is very difficult.

Almost all models of the iPhone 6s / 7/8 Plus have a slight backlash when trying to twist at opposite angles. Many devices crunch when compressed to the right of the Home key, it’s not only iPhone Plus, but also the usual models starting from the iPhone 6.

The crunch does not always appear, most likely, the problem depends on the temperature of the device, humidity and other external factors. Pass the iPhone into a service with such nonsense will not work, because the defect manifests itself irregularly.

I noticed a similar crunch on the iPad. Models in the body of the Air (iPad Air, iPad 2017, iPad 2018) are not affected, but thinner iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro often creak.

At compression the case of AirPods creaks, and the top cover starts to play back on fractions of a millimeter already in a week of operation.

The cover of my MacBook Pro 2015 also regularly creaks and has a “idle” in the closed state.

All this can not be called a serious problem, but when most of Apple’s gadgets behave the same way, and the same Galaxy S8, with which I walked half a year, familiar phones, ultrabooks of other manufacturers do not suffer like that, there is an occasion to think about.

Marriage is getting bigger

We are already tired of describing all the adventures and problems that we encounter in the editorial board after the acquisition of the Apple technique. We take not restored devices or suspicious gadgets from our hands, but new original smartphones, tablets, computers and accessories.

Now and then a marriage occurs:

  • The new iPad is sold with hairs engaged in assembling employees;
  • in Apple Watch the battery is blown ;
  • on the new iPhone X breaks the Apple Pay , burn inside , refuses Face ID ;
  • list problems with the MacBook different modifications and years of release is simply pointless, we almost every week tell about the new adventures of our laptops.

With such a quantity of marriage, it’s long time ago to refuse to buy new models. It is advisable to skip for one generation, and as much as 2-3, until the developers remove all structural jambs and shortcomings.

Previously, you could simply not take a conditional iPhone 4 or 5 to buy a modified and faster 4s or 5s. Now you need to skip iPhone 6 and 6s to stop on the sane 7, it’s better to refrain from buying the iPhone X and the next XS or XI in order to buy a problemless smartphone after a year and a half.

With iOS hundreds of problems, and they do not solve

iOS does not scold only lazy. In the system every year, fewer innovations and more bugs.

It would seem that developers should concentrate on increasing productivity and eliminating minor flaws, but instead each update not only does not fix the existing problems, but also brings new ones.

Instead, the system literally saws out useful chips, for example, a landscape keyboard with additional characters or a 3D-Touch gesture to launch multitasking (the latter, at least, returned). Promised innovations are not implemented for a long time, stretching the process for a whole year.

Where is it seen that the chips shown in June on WWDC appeared in the system only in the spring of next year?

It seems that the code is specially “loaded”, making it more cumbersome and complicated to get the owners of old models to update. The scam with the batteries has already been revealed, I would be surprised if in the near future there will be another software “brake” of old devices.

In addition, there are regular problems that are solved for a long time or are not solved at all. That strange symbol leads to the flight of applications, then the video in the standard browser is interrupted and looped, then the interface behaves very strange . Even a banal random number generator broke .

Add to this the persistent problems with third-party Bluetooth headsets and car receivers, a stupid download limit for the 3G / LTE application, an incoherent incoming call window, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons in the lower curtain that do not disable the corresponding modules.

In macOS, the situation is better, but not much. The system in general looks stable and runs on a fairly old Mac, but instead of a major annual update, we see a modest upgrade with a couple of minor innovations.

New functions are thrown and do not develop

Many useful chips that are shown on the presentation with a bunch of “emeyzingov” in the same year cease to develop. Until now, AirDrop does not work properly , iCloud never became a full cloud, landscape mode in iPhone Plus was not drawn even for all standard applications. 3D-Touch never got a logical development.

Siri from the wow-chip, which you can surprise your friends the first week, has not turned into an adequate assistant. Introduced voice assistant in 2011, along with the iPhone 4S, after that, other manufacturers showed much more useful assistants.

On CarPlay with a short set of applications and the inability to install a third-party navigator without tears, you will not look. Something similar happens with augmented reality and VR-capabilities.

Third-party keyboards, extensions for Safari, add-ons for iMessage – it all died out. The process stopped not through the fault of third-party developers, useful applications that extend the capabilities of iOS a lot, it’s all about poor optimization.

Apple just did not make sure that the built-in keyboards were launched without noticeable delay, so that the buttons do not fall out periodically, so that all this does not eat up a lot of system resources.

Outside the United States, many Apple chips are not available

Many services Apple is in no hurry to provide in most countries. If, for example, Apple Pay requires a number of agreements, approvals and certain procedures, then the launch of a news application or cartographic service should be much easier.

Until now, it remains a mystery why domestic users are not available all kinds of clues, more thoughtful Siri, Russian voice assistant in Apple TV and Home Pod.

We buy the iPhone almost at the highest price in the world, but do not get a number of software features and services that have been working in other countries for years.

Well, that at least Apple Music we have launched, but could act like, for example, Spotify.

What in the end

Each of the factors separately is not so critical.

Owners of inexpensive and well-working devices can put up with unfinished software (as, for example, with Xiaomi devices). Owners of innovative gadgets, new ideas in which each year evolve, will forgive the manufacturer the lack of a localized voice assistant (as, for example, in the Galaxy S8 / S9). Users of smartly assembled smartphones without backlashes and creaks are ready to wait six months to update the OS (as, for example, with Sony smartphones).

When there are several such factors, we begin to look in the direction of competitors. The situation with Apple has not changed for several years, if this goes on, the Cupertin players risk losing most of the loyal audience.

Why do we, the owners of Apple technology, have to put up with all the shortcomings and for years hope for an improvement in the situation?

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