Why iPhone SE does not need anyone in 2018

In the courtyard there was a year 2018. Apple released its own frameless flagship. Other manufacturers too.

Smartphones are equipped with a bunch of various kinds of useful “chips”. And now the whole year there are rumors about a new iPhone SE 2, which is planned to be shown this year.

Apple, are you serious? Yes, no one needs your SE2. This device will die at the start of sales, and now it is used by 3.5 cripples. There are enough reasons.

Reason # 1. Technically obsolete display

We all know perfectly well how the iPhone SE is going. It installs the remains of unused components from other smartphones. This significantly reduces the cost of the gadget.

Apple with each generation pumps their Retina-screens : they become brighter, more contrast, more colorful, etc.

What does SE get? That’s right, an old enough and mediocre display, in comparison with other models.

Reason # 2. Well a very small screen

Yes, someone will say that it is for the better. Compact body, no shovel and so on. But look at it from the other side.

Because of its compactness, all elements of the interface are sooooooo small. Especially terrible to read from such a screen. In particular, if you have poor eyesight.

We live in an age of information consumption. Texts, videos, photos, even maps of the navigator are more convenient to watch on the large display.

And in the case of SE, you have to bring the smartphone closer to the person and look out for what is written or depicted there. I’m not exaggerating, but I know a person with the iPhone SE, who literally suffers from such a problem.

Reason # 3. No 3D Touch

Whoever that said, and with the release of iOS 11, the technology of 3D Touch has become really useful.

Especially when you want to quickly close a notification. He pressed harder and swooped down. Everything, it is no more.

Quick calls to your favorite contacts are also convenient. Do not even need to open the Phoneapplication .

This is an unrealistically convenient technology. And owners of smartphones with 3D Touch support with me for sure will agree. I still do not understand why its it in the iPhone SE. And, judging by the rumors, she is unlikely to appear there.

Reason # 4. No normal water resistance

Already in 2018, even Apple introduced in its smartphones water protection standard IP67. Although so, but the iPhone will work underwater at a depth of one meter.

So you can safely go to the bath with him, swim and do underwater photos in the pool and so on.

And what can iPhone SE? Correctly, to reflect the powerful blows of rain drops, nothing more. With it you need to apply as carefully and wash off any drops of water, so that it does not start to glitch or even shut down.

Reason # 5. Slim body

In all large models of iPhone there is a case made of aluminum alloy of 7000 series. It is much stronger and more reliable than in the past generations.

That in the iPhone SE, that in SE 2 (rumored) is installed a flimsy case. It is easy to bend, break and so on.

Reason # 6. No double camera

According to rumors, iPhone SE 2 will be comparable in characteristics with the line of iPhone 7/7 Plus. Accordingly, it is necessary to evaluate it with these smartphones.

It was iPhone 7 Plus that set the trend for a dual camera. Someone will say that she does not need nafig, but this person simply did not take pictures with her help. The frames are simply amazing.

And in the iPhone SE, there is simply no such possibility, and in SE2 there is no place for it. Plus to a flat rectangular corner case and add a bulging camera? In general, buoy.

Here also it is asked. Why and who needs such an iPhone?

The only argument in his favor is “it is compact, light and very fast.” This ends the pros. IMHO, I would not even mention this plus, apart from speed.

The design is obsolete, “iron” too. And in the new device, if it is, the “filling” will not be super-modern either.

While I will not particularly speculate about the second generation, but in the current form of the iPhone SE certainly no one needs.

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