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The main villain of the “Avengers” is experiencing because of the overpopulation of the universe. Why he is not right

Scientists and viewers doubted that Thanos was doing the right thing.

On May 3, the movie “Avengers: The War of Infinity” was released in Russian. After the release of the picture, many critics praised the main villain Thanos for the prescribed motivation and logical reasons for destroying the universe.

The main idea on which the story line of Thanos is built is his desire to kill every second inhabitant of the universe. Thus, the villain wants to save intelligent civilizations from overpopulation and subsequent devastation. That is, from the fate of his native planet Titan, whose inhabitants he warned about the lack of resources for the stable maintenance of life.

Thanos against the background of the ruins of Titan. Original Marvel Studios

What people thought about overpopulation before

Overpopulation of the Earth, the researchers took care at the end of the 18th century. In 1798, the English economist Thomas Malthus (Thomas Malthus) predicted in his book “The Experience of the Population Law” that the population of people will be doubled every 25 years. According to Malthus, for such growth could not keep pace with the growth of production of goods, which would lead to disaster.

Subsequently, it turned out that the assumptions of Malthus were untenable: in the 19th century, European countries went through large-scale demographic and production changes that helped meet the growing need for food and consumption. This was facilitated by the opening of new territories – first of all, Australia and Argentina.

Despite the debunking of the theory of Malthus, overpopulation continued to be considered one of the most probable threats to mankind. In the 1970s, mathematicians from MIT predicted growth for mankind exponentially and the subsequent collapse. And Professor Stanford University Paul Erlich (Paul Erlich) believed that “hundreds of millions of people will die of hunger”

What do people think about overpopulation now?

The population of the Earth is really growing very rapidly. The seven-billion-dollar child was born in 2011 – 12 years after the birth of six billion and 24 years after the five- billionth birth. However, according to the UN forecasts , during the 21st century the population growth of the “blue planet” will cease to develop along the line of the planned trend.

10 billion people
will live on Earth by 2050, according to the UN. By 2100, this figure will increase by only two billion and is likely to stop growth.

The authors of Business Insider noted that the largest population growth in the 21st century should occur in Africa: in its countries by 2100 will be home to more than 4 billion people, whereas now there live just over a billion. Urbanization of the continent, experts say, can lead to its development in the Asian model – for example, as it happened in China.

Following the growth of the population in the 21st century, the development of agricultural technologies also follows: since 2000, the use of agricultural land throughout the world has declined by 26 million hectares. As noted by thepublication Reason, if farmers achieve the effectiveness of their colleagues from the US, they will be able to return the nature of the land area from the peninsula of Hindustan.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, explored reserves of oil and gas have grown by one and a half times . At the same time, mankind consumes significantly less hydrocarbons than it raises to the surface: in 2015 these figures were about 34 billion barrels and 53 billion barrels, respectively.

Specialists against Thanos

After the release of the Avengers, many authors opposed the theory of overpopulation that follows Thanos. For example, the Forbes columnist and PhD biologist JV Chamary accused the movie in simplification.

Overpopulation is a very complex problem, and even ironically, such a thoughtful super-villain as Thanos simplifies it to “people too much.”

Jay-Ve Chamari
evolutionary blog

A columnist and expert on the Daily Dot on geek culture Gavia Baker-Whitelaw (Gavia Baker-Whitelaw) questioned the success of the genocide.

[Thanos] claims that the native planet of Gamora blossomed after the destruction of half the population. It’s like stimulating a local construction business, for which a whole city was blown up.

Gevia Baker-Whitelow
Daily Dot Browser

How the audience reacts

The fans of the Marvel Cinema were divided in opinions about the theory of Thanos. Some started jokingly promoting it shortly before the premiere of the “Avengers” and created a subordinate Thanosdidnothingwrong (“Thanos did nothing wrong”). One of its authors even called the villain “Lord and Savior”, thanking for the preservation of the universe.

Many of those who watched the new “Avengers” also spoke in support of Thanos and were surprised that they can empathize with the villain in general.

“I’m not the only one who thinks that Thanos is not really such a bad guy, is he?” It seems that he was not fully understood. Dude is right: the resources of the universe are finite ”

“Has anyone who looked at the” Infinity War “thought that Thanos was right?” // “I can understand the logic of his plan.” In a sense, the death of living beings was accidental, and not only was one race affected ”
But there were those who called the philosophy of “crazy titan” a big hole in the blockbuster plot. In their opinion, Thanos wanted only to kill, although he could use the power of all six infinity stones and create enough resources for the inhabitants of all worlds.

“Thanos: There is not enough for all resources, so I’ll kill half of the universe with stones of infinity” // All: … why not simply use stones and create enough resources ”

“With all these stones of infinity, Thanos could convince that there is enough resources for everyone, but this fool just wanted to kill”

“It’s not really a spoiler. But if Thanos cares so much for resources and population. Why not use stones to create resources, as well as food and anything that is needed to save the universe? ”

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