The future father made a starry sky in his daughter’s bedroom (22 pics)

Waiting for the birth of his daughter, the future father decided to make in her room a starry sky on the ceiling. And he wanted the picture on the ceiling to repeat the picture of the sky on the night of his daughter’s birth, and he did it.

The first thing the guy cleaned the insulation on the floor of the attic.

Then he drilled a hole for optical fiber bundles and installed a shelf and an outlet for the lightbox LED.

With the help of the free program, the guy found out what the night sky would look like on the daughter’s birthday from her bedroom window, and then, through the filter, reduced the brightness of the stars until they were only 430.

Here is the model of the starry sky. The color of the stars the guy coded, depending on the diameter of the fiber-optic thread: 0.75 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm.

Thick fibers were used for the stars of the Big Dipper (blue), the middle ones for the brightest stars (red), and the thin ones for the others (green).
With the help of the projector, the layout of the starry sky was deduced by squares on the ceiling.

After that the future dad with the help of blue, red and green markers marked the places of future holes.
Then the pregnant wife began drilling the ceiling.

She always screamed to the guy in the attic, the color, and he marked the holes appropriately.

A total of 430 holes were drilled. This is a lightbox with remote control.

After this, the hardest stage of the project came. The guy had to shove a single fiber into each hole, dividing the beams accordingly.

According to him, during this process, which lasted 2 nights, the fibers are constantly confused and clinging to anything.


After that, the future father spent one night fixing the holes and another night to return the insulation to the place and put things in order in the attic.

The fiberglass hanging from the ceiling of the bedroom looks like spaghetti.

Before trimming the fibers, the guy walked around them with paint to hide the small chips that formed during drilling.

The final stage: trimming of fibers.

That’s what the Big Dipper looks like on the bedroom ceiling.

And so the luminous ceiling looks like during the day.

Although the project turned out to be very time-consuming, the future father is very satisfied with the final result.




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