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The FBI classified the names of characters from the DC Comic books in their reports to protect privacy

Either in the department overdid, or especially did not study the documents of the case.

The FBI classified the names of the characters from the game sketch about Superman, invented by Scientologists in the 1970s. They mention among other documents related to the investigation of the Church of Scientology. The detail was drawn by the journalist of MuckRock edition Emma Best.


“It seems that the FBI has edited names from comic books of characters like Clark Kent, Loiz Lane and Jimmy Olsen for privacy”

In the edited sketch, a scene called “The Animated News Room in The Daily Planet” was played. The main actors were “the greatest journalist among all” (apparently, it’s about Loise Lane – co-partner and girl Superman), a former member of the church, and Clark Kent.

The journalist requested documents for her own investigation, but first the FBI refused to issue them. Then the girl sued, which obliged the Bureau of Investigation to obey the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

By law, the agency must provide such documents, but can hide the names mentioned in them if it believes that someone’s privacy is unreasonably invaded. The FBI took advantage of this and smeared all the personal data in the reports, not only real people, but also fictional characters.

As noted by Emma Best, the reason for this behavior of the FBI is unknown: it is possible that the department was irresponsible to the law and covered all the names that were caught, or maybe the bureau employees simply did not study them and did not know what they were doing. The representative of the girl jokingly explained that “the Kryptonians have the same right to privacy, like the Americans.”

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