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The candidate for the governors of Georgia starred in an agitation video with his daughter’s boyfriend. And sent him a gun

“I’m Brian Camp, and this is Jake, he’s interested in one of my daughters.”

Secretary of Georgia Brian Kemp (Brian Kemp) intends to become the governor of the state. The politician published the first video of his campaign, in which he starred along with the boyfriend of his daughter, who was sent a gun. He also arranged several rifles, pistols and machine guns in the frame.

Camp in dialogue with the guy lists the main points of his program – support for agriculture and small business. “And two things in case you’re going to meet one of my daughters,” says the politician. “Respect and approval of the second amendment “, continues the teenager. After that, Camp steers the gun at the guy and adds: “We will definitely get along.”

 As noted by New York Magazine, many users of social networks criticized Camp for aggressive advertising. They were dissatisfied that the politician directed the weapon to the minor and promoted violence.
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