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SUP-surfers swam through the flooded streets of Vladivostok

The flood in the city began because of prolonged downpours.

Photo by @shtygailo
May 3 in social networks there were photos and videos made in the streets of Vladivostok and captured SUP-surfers, who swam along flooded lanes on their boards. Extremes told local journalists that they “had a great walk”.

The only thing is, my hands freeze. But we are so, for fun, back and forth swept. Vitaly helped to pull the car out of the puddle, because he was in a hydro-suit. Passers-by we did not say anything, just shoot it.

Eugene Shtygailo
one of the swimmers

The president of the Federation of windsurfing and kitesurfing in Primorye Alexei Kravets also commented on the swim, noting that “there is nothing terrible there, in principle, no.”

Extremes broadcast the swim in Instagram.

Bad weather hit Vladivostok on the first working day after a long weekend: the gusts of the wind were up to 27-32 meters per second, public transport did not work in part, it was raining with snow. However, the regional media found apositive side in the cyclone – and stressed that all forest fires had flooded the region.

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