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StarLadder about the PUBG tournament: “We remember with admiration the warm welcome in Minsk, even despite the bitter frost”

Yesterday it became known that in the summer in Minsk there will be a LAN-final of the CIS-qualifiers for the cyber sport discipline PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Representatives of the organizer in the person of the Kiev StarLadder explained to the correspondent of why the tournament was decided to be held in Minsk.

– The whole team StarLadder still with admiration remembers the warm welcome in Minsk, even despite the bitter frost in January. For me, this is one of the most atmospheric events that we managed to visit, “says Vitaliy Semenyuk, the manager of special projects for StarLadder.

– We have long thought about bringing something really epic to Minsk. And the CIS qualifications for the PUBG Global Invitational are a suitable event to return to this beautiful city.

According to the organizers, they have not yet decided on the exact format of the event, and therefore it is too early to talk about the specific venue for the tournament and its openness for the audience.

– The final format for placing 64 players in the “Kiev Cybersport Arena” in the first season of PUBG StarSeries has been thought out for a long time in detail by our department for offline events. In Minsk, we need to place 20 teams, so we will announce the venue and format a little later, as soon as we are convinced that everything we need is already ready.

Also, the organizers confirmed that rule 18+ operates at all stages of the selection, starting with open qualifications. Since players under the age of 18 can not take part in the final in Berlin because of the age limit of USK-18, their participation in regional qualifications will also be prohibited.

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