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Researchers from the Royal University of Ontario have developed a video conferencing system with 3D-holograms of interlocutors in full growth and in real time – TeleHuman 2.

The main goal of the development is to revitalize the videoconferences, creating an effect of presence. According to the developers, the technology works without virtual or augmented reality.

TeleHuman 2 is equipped with a set of video cameras that fix the brightness and direction of the light streams. This creates a depth effect, which is reproduced using “smart projectors” on a special monitor. As a result, you can get an image in 3D format.

The developers have yet to work on improving the level of detail of the picture and the viewing angle, since they are still far from ideal.

The hologram of the interlocutor can speak, move, use the body language.

The technology can be used for various tasks. For example, the “holographic” boss can attend the meetings while on the other side of the world, the musician can give virtual concerts right at your house, and pets will have the opportunity to see their favorite masters and not be bored.

Over TeleHuman 2 works have been underway since 2012. And in spite of the fact that the technology needs to be further improved, this is a real future.



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