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russian Ministry of Defense imposed limits for the military on the use of telephones to save and combat leaks

Servicemen will be divided into categories of subscribers, although Sergey Shoigu will continue to communicate without restrictions.

The Ministry of Defense tightened rules for the military to use public telephones and imposed limits on communication, Kommersant reported referring to the source. The norm extends to all employees – from civil servants to high-ranking officials of the General Staff.

For each phone, the maximum trip threshold is entered – in time and in cost. After one of the thresholds is reached, access to the link will resume only from the next reporting period.

According to the publication, officially such measures are needed for “effective use of funds”, and informally – to combat information leaks. In all structures, the Defense Ministry intends to organize control over all those who talk on the phone.

City communication is allowed to use no more than 10% of the state of the military command authority or part: only those who respond to the combat readiness of central bodies and military units, shifts on duty and those who for some technical reasons can not establish a means of communication from the Ministry of Defense.

Five categories of subscribers, whose range should be determined by servicemen before May 31:

  • Commanders and specialists of the Defense Ministry departments – up to 60 minutes per month or up to 500 rubles;
  • The chiefs and deputy chiefs of the General Staff are 90 minutes and 700 rubles;
  • Commander-in-Chiefs of the species, commanders of the arms, assistants and advisers to the minister – 120 minutes and up to 850 rubles;
  • Ten deputy ministers – no restrictions;
  • Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu – there are no restrictions.

The main objective of this order, introducing a strict form of reporting, is not only the desire to optimize the costs of communication services, but also to avoid leakage of sensitive information and to strengthen control over the actions of personnel as a whole.

On the other hand, on city telephones personal conversations have long been not conducted because of fears of wiretapping, so the rate is made to communicate through voice Internet messengers, which are much more difficult to control.

an anonymous source of Kommersant in the central apparatus of the Defense Ministry
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