Russia will spend 3 billion rubles on spying on drivers

Russian developers are going to create an operating system for cars that will collect information about roads and the driver. The project, called “Autonet”, will receive an investment of 3 billion rubles, and its implementation will take about 2 years.

In Russia, they will develop an OS for cars that will monitor the driver’s fatigue, and also check for sobriety. If the level of fatigue or alcohol in the blood is critical, the car will not go anywhere. In addition, the system is supposed to be able to scan the roadway for pits to send their coordinates to the road services.

Drivers will be able to order food, escort services and much more directly to the car, diagnose their car for breakdowns, and pay insurance for OSAGO.

The possibilities of using large data in the transport sector are of great prospects. The car generates information about its location, speed, data of electronic components, collected either through standard systems or specialized terminals. Big Data is one of the fastest growing segments of the market in the transport sector.

Alexander Gurko
President of NP “GLONASS”

A new operating system will be developed on the basis of GLONASS. If the project can be successfully implemented, “Autonet” will receive all Russian cars.

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