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Roskomnadzor told about the blocking of 50 VPN-services and anonymizers for the fight against Telegram

The owners of the services provided access to the messenger.

Roskomnadzor blocked 50 VPN-services and anonymizers that provided access to Telegram, deputy head of the department Vadim Subbotin told reporters.

“At present there are 50 of them,” Subbotin said when asked about the number of blocked services with which he could bypass the locks. Judging by the words of the Deputy Head of Roskomnadzor, the period from the beginning of the Telegram blocking is on 16 April. In media reports that talked to Subbotin, there were no mention of the names of VPN-services and anonymizers who were locked up.

Earlier Roskomnadzor explained to that it “accepts and will take” all necessary measures to restrict access to resources that “contribute to the functioning” of Telegram. According to the court decision, to which the agency referred, “the duty to stop creating technical conditions for access to the messenger” is entrusted, among other things, to the owners of VPN and proxy services.

On April 16, the providers started blocking Telegram by the decision of the Tagansky District Court, which was taken because the Messenger refused to give the FSB the encryption keys. The service used to bypass the capacity blocking of cloud providers, in response, the agency contributed up to 18 million IP-addresses to the registry of prohibited sites. Because the servers of the providers use not only Telegram, there are a lot of disruptions in the resources that are not related to the messenger.

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