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Rating of the most faithful husbands by the sign of the Zodiac

The stars can tell us about a lot – including how true the husband will come from your partner. But if the result does not suit you, do not hurry upset – there are exceptions to the rules!

We begin our rating with the most incorrect in opinion of astrologers of men:

12. Scorpio

Passionate, insanely sexy, he usually attaches great importance to his feelings for his wife and sincerely loves her, except that the body asks for something new. Or rather, someone – and better.

11. The Sagittarius

Life is a game, says Sagittarius, and never ends this game. He is not at all amoral – he just has the essence. But if suddenly he finds his “one”, it is possible that he will forget about the rest.

10. Cancer

He, being a desperate family man, still puts his own comfort and pleasure in the first place. However, among Cancers there are quite a few exceptions to the rules.

9. Gemini

He can invest himself in the relationship, and then suddenly realize that he is bored. Twins by their nature are constantly looking for change. However, if you work with this feature correctly, you can get a very faithful spouse.

8. Aquarius

He is very freedom-loving and independent – that’s why the easiest way to tie him to yourself is not to try to tie him, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.

7. Aries

He will give you all himself, and then again he will go in search of new sensations. True, maybe you will manage to stop it – and then you have a great husband. For the time being, until the time, at least.

6. Scales

For men-Libra, treason is nothing more than an exit from the zone. After all, most of all they like unexpected trips, thrills and other pleasures. Provide him with all this – and you will be satisfied.

5. The Virgin

Virgins are very practical – they tend to analyze everything, weigh and make the right decision. And if the decision is correct, then why change it?

4. The Lion

Lions are very faithful and reliable. The only thing they do not like is if their woman is higher than their status.

3. Pisces

These men are very sensual, and they are laid out in their relations without a trace. Romance for them – not the most important thing, unlike sex, but sex with a beloved woman they are quite satisfied.

2. Capricorn

He is a conservative man who does a lot for the benefit of his family. Adultery is completely uninteresting to him, because he has everything arranged.

1. Taurus

This is the most faithful husband of all the signs of the zodiac. He, despite his external restraint, is very emotional and persistent, and is ready for much for his beloved. And when he marries, he does it absolutely consciously, and no longer makes the correctness of his decision in doubt.

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