Photo: Predatory evacuator, who was caught by a tow truck that caught a car

Visual embodiment of the food chain.

Photos of Arkady Fakhtatovich
A resident of Arkady Fakhtatovich from the state of Mytischi, while parking along the road, captured a large tow truck carrying a smaller evacuator. When he increased the resulting images on the computer, he was surprised to find that the tow truck was holding a trapped herbivore.

“The best photo I ever shot (in content, not in quality)!” – said the resident on his page in Odnoklassniki, where the frame was published (the link is not saved). Some commentators questioned the authenticity of the images, but Arkady claims that he managed to make a one-to-one-trillion photo.

We tried to take an operative comment from Arkady Fakhtatovich, but for lack of accounts in Odnoklassniki, we could not.

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