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NASA is considering the possibility of creating self-assembling telescopes in orbit

If telescopes could be sent into orbit batchwise, in parts with passing rockets, this would greatly facilitate the creation of high-tech devices in space and, possibly, make their entry into orbit cheaper. One such concept was suggested by Dmitry Savrasky, Assistant Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Mechanics at Princeton University.

Together with 15 other scientists, he works in the framework of the first stage of the program of innovative ideas for 2018 NIAC (NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts), funding for which is issued by NASA.

The concept of Savransky passed the first stage. He proposes to create a 30-meter modular space telescope with adaptive optics. Modules can be put into orbit separately, and they themselves will move to the necessary point of space with the help of solar sails and in offline mode communicate with each other.

The team allocated $ 125,000 for nine months for further research and development of their project.

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