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Meme about the boy with the tube returned in the form of a photoshop clip on any song in the world

There are many examples – from “Never Gonna Give You Up” to “Katyusha”.

In February 2018, with the filing of Reddit users , Trumpet Boy appeared – it was based on a photo where a guy with a pipe is playing something next to the girl covering the ears. The picture was often used to illustrate annoying stories about something, but the joke quickly outlived itself and was forgotten.

A few months later the meme returned, but with a completely different meaning. April 19, a Twitter user @ SuperMario34567 posted a mini-clip based on the picture: he framed the music from the cartoon “SpongeBob” and with the help of a photoshop moved the boy with a pipe, as if he is playing a melody.

The format was liked by the user of social networks. For two weeks on Twitter there were dozens of variations of photoshop-clips with the boy: he “performed” classical jazz compositions, a-ha’s song “Take on me” and anime soundtracks.

The hero of the meme continued to bother the girl in augmented reality.

Soon, a guy with a pipe with the help of a photoshop was turned into a whole orchestra, thereby complicating the videos.

From Twitter, the meme moved to YouTube, where they continued to create clips using a single picture.

Of course, there was a version with “ricroll”.

And even with “Katyusha” (and a whole set of stereotypes about Russia).

PS A small tutorial video that will help make your movie about a boy with a pipe.

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