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Love horoscope for 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

What awaits this year, whether it is worth looking for a second half, starting a new relationship or fighting for the old – all this will find in our horoscope.

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It is said that the year of the dog, though fiery, should bring peace and family comfort, unlike the cock that died down in the past 365 days. European astrologer Olga Aristova specifically for OK-MAGAZINE.RU decoded the message of the stars for each sign of the zodiac and most beautiful woman. Whether it is necessary to struggle for attitudes or relations, where and how to search for the second half, whether to take a break in love affairs – about all you learn in a horoscope.


Lonely representatives of this sign are comfortable in the status of “free” – they break into travel, have fun with friends and easily can not appear at home for weeks. But, in spite of the eternal holiday, a longing for family comfort grows in their soul, sacrificing a small restriction of personal freedom, they can receive a faithful companion for many years. The main thing: get courage and let the other half into your life. But for those who are already in the relationship, this year will be very successful, if the couple decides not to plan global cases such as repair. Just enjoy each other’s company, make romantic evenings and spend time together – from this your union will only be stronger.


For the Taurus, 2018 will be a period of discovery. “Singles” will find the answer to the question what is wrong with them: representatives of this sign are excessively exacting to themselves and their partner, and this pressure can not be sustained by everyone. To find happiness, Taurus needs to let go of the situation and show itself from the best side – kindness, care and tenderness will not make you weak and vulnerable. On the contrary, it is these qualities that will give you attractiveness in the eyes of your partner. Those Taurus who have already tied themselves with the union will have to work on relationships from the other side: stop controlling everything and let your half act. Yes, it may not be exactly what you expected, but only in this way you really get closer.


“Less words, more business” – this is the motto of Gemini for 2018. Lonely Twins are not indecisive, but when it comes to hearty affairs, all their lightness evaporates somewhere – they see the object of their passion, they lose the gift of speech and unreasonably long decide to take the first step. Be brave! Do not hesitate to talk about feelings and take steps to bring together – regardless of sex you will be successful if you show a drop of courage. Those who have already found their mate, on the contrary, will have to choose words carefully. Relationships can get frustrated literally because of a couple of careless phrases. Refuse criticism: if you see dignity in your beloved, instead of flaws, everyone will be happier.


Stars promise lonely Cancers a stormy romance that suddenly grows out with a proposal of the hand and heart. A man-Cancer can be sent on a business trip, where he will meet a foreigner, for the beautiful representatives of this sign, on the contrary, there is a high probability of finding love among close acquaintances. It does not matter where you meet the love of your life, be careful and make sure that everything is as serious as it seems. Otherwise, instead of delight you will find deep disappointment. Those Cancers who have long been in a relationship, but have not planned a wedding before, will reconsider their attitude to this issue and will start to force events. A married waiting for the long-awaited completion in the family.

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In the first half of the year free Lionesses will actively “hunt”. Particular care should be taken with regard to colleagues and married men. In addition to the fact that it is indecent, so also can come undesirable consequences. In the office rumors of hazing will spread, and getting into someone else’s family, you will not get a light romance – everything secret will become obvious and grow into a grand scandal. It is better to pay attention to those who have long been seeking your attention. Busy Lions will become bored in a relationship, they will want novelty. Such a spirit, too, will not lead to good: Lions are often carried away and go too far in their desire to have fun. Instead of chasing after a fleeting pleasure, it’s best to devote time to your partner who misses you so much.


Virgins finally got confused in their personal lives: the status of “everything is complicated” is about them. Real lonely representatives this year will be small – if the Virgin is no one, it was only recently or just about to appear. In any case, the lack of attention, not the thing about which one will have to mourn. More important problems will begin when the partner gets tired of the suspended state and he wants certainty. From Dev nothing can be achieved disassembly and ultimatums – the representatives of this sign activate the ignoring mode and begin to be eliminated from solving problems. Passion of passion will become so strong that Virgo can even escape somewhere to the islands to be alone and weigh it all well.


The theme of love for Libra in 2018 will be no less relevant than in the previous one – among the representatives of this sign, a secret romance is likely, which has already got so much that there is no power to lead it, and it does not turn out to be completed. Scales are most afraid of someone to offend or act wrong, but in fact only aggravate the situation. And in the case of Libra, this love is real only half: a person is actually lonely, but inventing insane relationships that prevent him from living. Throw this thing out. Until you stop, nothing new interesting in your reality will not go down. If you are doing well, the person you love is close, try to give more time to what he likes, not you. Discard selfishness and show that it is really dear to you.


For those Scorpions who have recently experienced a serious break, it is time to move on. Even if you are still disappointed and are afraid to start a serious relationship, it’s time to talk to people a little and start to enjoy life. If you are from the fraternity of solitary, love will still knock on your door, no matter how desperately you resist: there is a great chance to meet a suitable person in your favorite store or public transport. Those representatives of this sign who are in the relationship can go to the next level. It’s time to move in or go to the registry office. The main thing, hide your sting far away and do not offend the second half, otherwise quarrels will be a frequent guest in your house.


Sagittarians, who have recently created a family, may doubt the correctness of their choice: the chosen one, who until recently seemed to be the best person in the world, will begin to show the features of an ordinary mortal and this will be the occasion for sadness. Perhaps, such outbursts have another reason: you will have a baby. Then the anxiety will be replaced by joy and expectation of a miracle – the main thing is not to quarrel, choosing a name for the child. Lonely representatives of this sign, on the contrary, will not be up to the arrangement of personal life. And all because the bosses will add tasks and by the middle of the year, perhaps, will offer a promotion or a new project that will require a lot of effort. Although here there is a place for romance. Staying late in the office until late at night, you probably get closer to a colleague.


Capricorns this year will not be lucky: the universe has firmly decided to put you in place and any of your “never” will turn into a fact. Do not you believe that a romance with a man is ten years younger? Get and sign! Did not want children? There will be an unplanned pregnancy! Be cautious with desires – they can come true. Lonely Capricorns who want to change their status will have to work less. Career is good, but the eternal race for money does not let you notice love. Drop your business and look around: maybe you have new neighbors or friends who will happily become your couple. Those who are in a relationship will start hinting that it’s time to change something. Take a vacation with your loved ones – a change of scenery will benefit both of you.


Lonely Aquarians have no time to seek the love of all life – they think about the eternal and solve the problem of improving living conditions. At them that work boils, then the vacation is postponed, then the authorities write the reports. Really sad, it becomes only when all things are done, and this happens very rarely. But those who are already in the relationship, will have to come up with something interesting – a loved one can complain about the lack of attention. For travel time is not the most successful, but for a hobby just right: revise the list of interests that suit both of you and do something together. It will bring harmony and refresh the senses.


Those Pisces who are already in the relationship at the beginning of the year will be quite sad: they may be disappointed in the chosen one and will actively consider ways of retreat. If the feelings are strong, then do not bring the case to a break – do something useful and then there will be no time to worry. Half of the far-fetched problems disappear when you have less free time. Lonely Pisces do not despair and look for love intensely – the result will be inversely proportional to the efforts expended. It is better to do what is really interesting to you: when your eyes burn, the same person will notice and appreciate it.

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