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“Life Cycles”: an animated short film about everyday routine

Scottish animation director Ross Hogg (Ross Hogg) published a short film called “Life cycles.” It is devoted to the study of routine and monotony in the modern world, as well as a way of distraction from them.

The picture shows a week from the life of the animator. Weekdays are similar to each other: shower, work, dinner, watching news about terrorist threats and sleeping. And only on weekends the protagonist allows himself to relax a little: go to the football, the pub and the restaurant.

In a commentary on the video, Hogg asks himself whether people can “continue to allow monotonous passage through the same events, or perhaps break this cycle.”

The work “Life Cycles” was created in 2017, but it was released only now. For shorts, Hogg won the Scottish Branch of the British Film Academy.

LIFE CYCLES from Ross Hogg on Vimeo.

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