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John Oliver supported one of the latest video distribution stores in the US, buying things for him from the collection of Russell Crowe

Comedian donated about 80 thousand dollars to attract attention to him.

In the middle of April, TV presenter John Oliver in the release of the evening show Last Week Tonight spoke about the three remaining stores in Alaska once popular throughout the US video distribution network Blockbuster. Comic stressed that she is under serious threat of complete closure because of the oncoming “new digital world”.

To help the store in the city of Anchorage, Oliver bought several items at the auction “The Art of Divorce”, which was organized by actor Russell Crowe, who put his things on sale after a divorce from singer Daniel Spencer. After breaking 10-year-old marital relations, the Hollywood star decided to turn the “sad situation into something joyful” and get rid of unnecessary memories.

To begin with, Oliver bought a leather bandage Crow from the film “Knockdown” for seven thousand dollars. The comic stressed that “this is a great price to find out what the actor’s eggs smelled in 2005”. After that he uncovered other items bought at the auction: Crowe’s nominal chairs ($ 2.9 thousand) and Denzel Washington ($ 3,600) from the movie Gangster, a vest from the Les Miserables musical ($ 14,600) ), Robin Hood’s hood of the same name ($ 13,400), as well as a boxing gown ($ 24,400) and shorts ($ 12,200) from Knockdown. Including tax on the services of the auction house, in the amount of Oliver paid 79.7 thousand dollars (about five million Russian rubles).

You know what happens when you start an online purchase late at night. You wake up the next morning and think: “That’s the shit that I just bought.”

John Oliver

At the end of the release, the TV presenter invited Blockbuster store staff in Anchorage to contact HBO television within 48 hours to confirm the delivery of memorabilia from the Crow collection.

Leather bandage from Knockdown. Photos Sotheby’s
The manager of Blockbuster in Anchorage, Kevin Deymude , said that he had not seen the episode of the show from the beginning. About that in his shop are going to deliver things from the collection of Crowe, he was informed in Facebook.

I did not know that this would happen. I had no idea. It was crazy. You will not believe how many phone calls I received from people trying to help us find the contacts of HBO employees.

Kevin Deimud

As a result, a man from Wisconsin wrote to Deimuda that his cousin was working on the TV channel and gave the manager his office number. But even then the employee of Blockbuster did not expect that things would go to the store.

I decided that we will have only photographs or something like that.

Kevin Deimud
Kevin Deimood. Photos of ADN
Blockbuster workers have already put things out of the Crow collection in the front of the store. According to Deimud, the stream of video distribution customers has increased noticeably in a few days.

People call and say: “If we give you $ 20, can we take a picture of ourselves in the bandage?”

Kevin Deimud

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