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In the US, banned the sale of Huawei and ZTE smartphones to the military

The US Department of Defense banned the sale of smartphones from Chinese manufacturers on the territory of military bases, regardless of their location. The ban included gadgets Huawei and ZTE.

According to Defense Ministry spokesman Dave Eastburn, the operation of these smartphones is risky.

The Huawei and ZTE devices can carry unacceptable risks, from the point of view of the employees, information and strategic goals of the ministry. In the light of this information, it is not prudent to continue selling them to Defense Ministry staff in its stores.

The department does not disclose details of the internal investigation and specific reasons for banned smartphones from Chinese brands. Apparently, the taboo is associated with the possible involvement of manufacturing companies in cyber espionage.

Soldiers were warned about the possible risk and leakage of data during the operation of smartphones of the above brands. At the same time to buy devices Huawei and ZTE outside the military facilities allowed. Businessman ]

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