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Horoscope compatibility for all zodiac signs for 2018

Photo: Legion-Media
Photo: Legion-Media

Compatibility of zodiac signs is a delicate matter, and it’s not just about love affairs. With whom you can go to scouting, with whom to start a holiday romance with beautiful woman,  and who better to avoid in 2018, said astrologer Olga Aristova. Specially for OK-MAGAZINE.RU she compiled a map of recommendations, which should at least be read.


Aries in 2018 awaits an interesting alliance with the Taurus. And the passion has nothing to do with it: the representatives of these signs will work together comfortably. Especially fruitful will be a tandem in the creative sphere – the project will pay off as soon as possible. With Aries twins, it’s better to establish informal relationships. Joint trips to the cinema, to concerts of classical music or a break at a rock festival – any option will be good. But with Sagittarius, it’s best not to conduct: the responsibility for all the turmoil will lie entirely on your shoulders, which you do not like.


If Taurus is lucky enough to meet its mirror image, you can start planning a wedding: the love of two Taurus is inevitable. A stormy romance will quickly grow into something more. With other earth signs the relationship will also be harmonious – Virgo will become an excellent companion for shopping, and Capricorns will take on the routine part of the work. Eccentric Lions will behave like egoists, with which Taurus will not tolerate – this state of affairs will lead to a “cold war” on several fronts.


Some light-headedness of Gemini will lead to conflicts with Cancers. Especially if you are relatives: at the next family meeting (of course, for the best of reasons), you will be brainwashed by the fact that you are doing everything wrong. With Aquarians Gemini pies do not cook, either. Constant disagreements in work and the difference in approach will quickly tire both sides, which will reduce the interaction “to no.” But with the Lions and Scorpions waiting for the idyll: violent disposition and those and others will impart a sharpness and fun .


Stubborn crayfish will bring Taurus to white heat: the documents are lost, then the towels are not hung evenly enough, then the mat in front of the door a half centimeter shifted. You can only reach an agreement if you are expecting a child: the general efforts in anticipation of the baby will not allow you to quarrel to the nines. In other cases run in different directions and hide in the trenches. Two cancers in the same company will also be too much, but the Libra will come to the court. The immediacy of representatives of this sign can minimize any negative.

a lion

Lions will be well on vacation with Aries. An easy resort romance will present to both partners a sea of ​​warm memories. True, the flame of passion will go out as quickly as it inflames: the couple will fall apart almost at the airport. In order not to quarrel with the Taurus, the Lions will have to show delicacy. Although you do not want to, you’ll have to step on your throat: the Lions will become financially dependent on the Taurus, and they will skillfully use their position. But with Cancers everything will be fine: representatives of both signs can easily find a common language and make friends.


Virgo may enter into a protracted conflict with Taurus and Pisces at the beginning of the year: the difference in approach will be felt at all levels of interaction and a normal dialogue will only come about in the spring. This is, undoubtedly, very sad, because the Pisces will sincerely try and until the last will not find the source of their guilt. Aquarius, to which the Virgin are deeply attached, on the contrary, will begin to distance away, but it is not necessary to sound the alarm if a couple of not very important meetings were canceled. Aquarius will be occupied with the solution of the housing issue – all attention will go there. As soon as the question is solved, everything will return to normal.


Libra can seriously get carried away by Sagittarius. And not so much in the love plan, as in the aesthetic – representatives of this sign easily invent relationships where they do not exist, and this case will not be an exception. But on Gemini and Scorpio, Libra can rely on themselves. Especially if it comes to work: the forces of representatives of both signs will suffice to cover up the back of Libra, while they are busy with personal affairs. But the interaction of Libra with Libra will not work out – looking at your reflection, it’s hard to imagine that a person can behave differently from you.


Scorpions will find personal happiness with Aquarius: serious upheavals of the recent past will recede into the background and this union can become truly lasting. It will be equally important for representatives of these signs and will bring great happiness to both of them. In the spring, there may be easy disagreements with the Virgins and Cancers concerning money. In order not to turn into a real conflict, Scorpios should reduce spending and avoid debts. Pari and gambling to the good too, will not bring – it is painfully great chance to lose.


Sagittarians have all the chances to suddenly get along with Capricorn and the passion for such an alliance will be so strong that it can result in an unplanned pregnancy. Be careful not to regret the consequences. With Aries, it’s better not to get involved in relation to work: the project will prove adventurous, and Aries will shift responsibility for its machinations to Sagittarius. Virgins can greatly disappoint the representatives of this sign, as well as Cancers and Taurus. But the friend of the Lion will be more reliable than the rocks and will support in the most difficult times.


Such warmth, as from a sentimental Cancer, no one will give Capricorn any more. Even if you happen to meet representatives of this sign, take care of them as the apple of the eye: inner decency, kindness and responsiveness will not only allow you to work fruitfully together, but also become true friends. With Gemini an interesting project is possible in the second half of the year. But it is worthwhile to prioritize and weigh all the risks: if the Gemini is in a broken state, you will have to pull everything on yourself.


Aquarius will solve problems throughout the winter and spring. Taurus, Scorpion and Pisces will help them in this difficult business. Taurus will show kindness and care, having taken on a part of everyday problems, Pisces will help to divide the piled up responsibility, and Scorpions will inspire to accomplish by personal example. Their boasting may be boring, but if you are close enough, a serious quarrel will not work. What can not be said about Cancers: representatives of this sign can be very tedious. Especially when everywhere they come with their advice. Express complacency, do not miss words by saying: Aquarius can do this simply, and Cancer will not notice that you ignore him – the main thing is sometimes meaningly snort and nod his head.


In the beginning of spring Pisces is waiting for a trip with the Virgins. The trip will be very successful, if Pisces has enough patience not to be led to eternal provocation. Virgins rarely allow themselves to be inappropriate vagaries and monopoly of attention, but if this happens, then the situation can get out of control. Perhaps cooling with Libra, which could previously go to the intelligence service: time steals friends, and Pisces will have to accept that they have lost relevance for once close friends. Lions will also show themselves not from the best side: unhealthy competition, created by representatives of this sign, will irritate others and lead to serious conflicts at work.

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